Human Rights Education

The Human Rights Council of Washington County encourages educators to discuss and study human rights issues. Our annual Poster Contest is one way that we reach out to schools.Below we have listed some relevant links with suggestions and lesson plans regarding human rights:

Download the Human Rights Councils slide presentation to be used in conjunction with the exhibit “No Easy Road: Unlearning Discrimination in Oregon.”

The Institute for Humane Education’s site features lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the rights of all humans of all ages and types. Activity topics include everything from discrimination and genocide to oppression and sweatshop. They have lesson plans and activities suitable for all ages.

Here is a good lesson plan from the Oakland Unified School District.

Youth for Human Rights has lots of activities on its site.

Here are three lesson plans from the Speaking Globally blog.

Finally, here is a lesson plan linking poverty issues and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights from

We will continue to share lesson plans on this page as we find them!